Who Can Benefit from IV Nutrition?
Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

IV nutrition is a method that involves injecting a nutrient-rich formula into the bloodstream. The formula used in the procedure is a potent mixture of vitamins and minerals that help resolve certain issues, such as fatigue and migraine. The solution does not pass through the GI tract or undergo the first-pass metabolism in the liver, thereby allowing the patient to get the full effect of the nutrients.
The main beneficiaries of IV nutrition are those who have gastrointestinal problems and issues with nutrient absorption. But at Genemedics Health Institute, we use IV nutrition to treat individuals with varying lifestyles. We offer 8 different types of cocktails, and each is formulated to benefit certain types of people.

Who Can Benefit Best From These Cocktails?


Athletes burn more calories and energy than the average man or woman, so they have to fuel their bodies constantly. Without proper nutrition, they might not be able to perform their best on the court or field. We offer 3 cocktails that will help athletes achieve their tip-top form, and these are:

  1. Pre-Sports Cocktail: A formula designed to fortify and prepare the body for physical exertion. It is a mix of amino acids (glutamine, arginine, L-valine, etc.), magnesium, selenium, and vitamin C.
  2. Post-Sports Cocktail: Perfect for when the body goes into recovery mode. The formula includes amino acids (glutamine, arginine, and leucine), magnesium, selenium, and vitamin C.
  3. Detox Cocktail: Like what its name suggests, this cocktail removes and counteracts toxins. It is a mix of magnesium, selenium, glutathione, calcium vitamin C, thiamine, and vitamin B.


Strengthening one’s immune system is a must when someone decides to travel. This is because contracting illnesses in an unfamiliar place may prove to be an expensive and inconvenient experience. We have 3 options that can help support an avid traveler’s lifestyle:

  1. Wellness Cocktail: Reduces the risk of getting diseases and supports general health. It is a dose of magnesium, selenium, calcium, vitamin C, thiamine, and vitamin B.
  2. The Hangover Cure: Relieves the symptoms of hangover. The formula includes magnesium, zinc, selenium, cupric sulfate, chromium, and vitamin C.
  3. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is the most powerful external antioxidant. Taking high doses of vitamin C orally can cause an upset stomach, but there’s no need to worry about this if the dose is injected directly into the bloodstream.

People who are always under stress

Stress contributes to a lot of physical and mental problems. Migraines, among other things, make it difficult to get through the day. Myers’ cocktail delivers the necessary nutrients that help the body fight these discomforts. This formula is a mixture of magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin C, and calcium.

People who are suffering from chronic illnesses

With the right amount of nutrients, your body can suppress chronic illnesses. IV nutrition helps relieve the symptoms of short bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease. Our Glutathione cocktail is perfect for individuals with chronic illnesses. It has glutathione, a crucial antioxidant that promotes good health and is known for quenching the fires of chronic inflammation.
Here at Genemedics, you can always look forward to a painless, comfortable, and convenient IV therapy session. For more information on this service, simply give us a call us at 800-277-4041 or email

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