Hormonal Imbalance and Men: Not Just a Woman Thing
Monday, March 28th, 2016

When you hear people talk about hormonal imbalance, it is easy to assume that they are talking about something that affects women. It is, after all, somewhat general knowledge that when women go through menopause, their hormones go haywire. What may not be known by many is that hormonal imbalance is not just a woman thing, but rather a condition that can afflict both men and women.

Hormonal imbalance can also be experienced by both genders at any age, with some feeling symptoms as early as their 20s. The possibility of going through this condition increases as time passes by, and this is because of nature taking its natural course. Individuals who enter their golden years whether they are male or female, can find themselves going through the many symptoms that indicate the reduction of various hormones.

Symptoms That Both Sides Can Experience

While not all symptoms felt by men and women are the same when it comes to hormonal imbalance, there are a few that both can actually undergo. Some of the common symptoms that can be experienced by both sides include hot flashes, sleeping problems, night sweats, and mood swings. These symptoms can also be accompanied by a diminished sex drive, constant tiredness, and anxiety.

If you check on the list of symptoms that come with menopause, you will notice that all of these indicators are also on that list. Also on the list of symptoms that affect both sides are weight gain and difficulty in trying to lose weight. Depression and a higher chance of osteoporosis are also possible when a man undergoes a lowering of hormones.

Symptoms That Men Experience

Aside from the manifestation of symptoms that are similar to those that women undergoing menopause go through, men also have other signs to check for and may experience. Here are some of them:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – the reason why a man cannot maintain an erection or cannot attain one is due to the lowered levels of testosterone and high levels of prolactin that usually occur when they are experiencing hormonal imbalance. You can also blame this on the erratic levels of your thyroid hormones.
  • Gynecomastia – also a symptom of hormonal imbalance in men, this is characterized by an enlargement of the man’s breasts. If there is an increase in estrogen and a lowering of testosterone, a man may find himself with breasts that are unnaturally bigger than normal for men. Apart from this, they may also see themselves with larger hips and abdomen, which is also indicative of an increase in estrogen.
  • Production of Breast Milk – along with the increase in breast size, men may also find themselves lactating when they have hormonal issues. Called galactorrhea, this condition which is usually found in women, may become a symptom of hormonal imbalance in men when their testosterone levels drop and their prolactin levels are elevated.
  • Infertility – some men may find themselves having difficulty in getting a woman pregnant, and this can also be attributed to hormonal problems. A low sperm count or low sperm motility can be blamed on hormonal imbalance since these little swimmers are also dependent on a man’s hormones.
    When you suspect that you are suffering from hormonal problems and are experiencing any or all of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor to know for sure. Your doctor can also suggest treatments for your problems, and some of the possible options you have include a lifestyle change and HRT (hormone replacement therapy).
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