Why Hormone Replacement Isn’t as Bad as You Think
Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Hormone Replacement therapy is quite a recent development in the field of medicine. Because of how young  it is, hormone replacement therapy has more than its fair share of naysayers who discredit its effectiveness or even claim that it is even detrimental. However, a lot of these assumptions hardly have any basis. In fact, there is already a growing body of evidence that prove its effectiveness and the fact that they are no longer as risky as they were once perceived to be.

If you are still yet to be convinced, here are a few reasons why hormone replacement isn’t bad at all.

  • Less Hot Flashes – One of the most common symptom of menopause would have to be hot flashes, a fast sensation of heat, causing a red, flushed face and sweating. They happen when the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin dilate in order to cool down the woman’s body temperature. And for some women, this is accompanied by chills and elevated heart rate – not good signs.Although most women – about two-thirds – do not need to have hormone replacement therapy for hot flashes alone because they only suffer from a mild to moderate version of the symptom, those who experience severe hot flues do. In most cases, HRT alleviates this problem.
  • Less Sleepless Nights – Another bothersome accompanying symptom of menopause is insomnia. This is either caused by hot flushes, night sweats, or hormonal changes.Whatever may be causing this sleeplessness is, hormone replacement therapy has proven to be a good solution for it.
  • Osteoporosis – One of the most important roles of estrogen is the prevention of bone resorption, the process that causes osteoclasts, specialized skeletal cells, to break down the minerals – especially calcium – found in bones and their transfer to the blood.So once a woman’s estrogen levels significantly decrease and become deficient, this process drastically becomes more pronounced, leading to osteoporosis – a disease that involves bone density loss, reduced bone strength, and increased risks of fracture. The risks for osteoporosis increase if a woman is thin, has a history of smoking, a family history of osteoporosis, and has lactose intolerance.Thankfully, HRT helps in reducing bone density loss and the chances of fractures – an amazing help in improving the quality of life and the prevention of debilitating skeletal injury for women in their midlife to twilight years.
  • Better Feeling Overall – An overall better feeling – this may be in subjective territory, but it is nevertheless an important benefit from getting hormone replacement therapy. After all, this is one aspect that cannot be measured by any tool or parameter. In fact, for some doctors, as long as the patient understand the risks involved and is willing to have a regular check-up, this is a valid reason for hormone replacement therapy.Just because a treatment isn’t too often encountered doesn’t mean it’s dubious. And hormone replacement therapy, just like its many other cousins, is a legitimate and important approach in healthcare
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