What Men Can Do to Keep Their Hormones Balanced
Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

When you think about men and their hormones, chances are, you will generally think back to the time when you were a teenager with raging hormones. You may also associate this topic with masculinity and testosterone. While both connections are correct, there is actually more to the topic of hormones and men. If you dig deeper, you will find that hormones actually play a big part in men’s health, and keeping the many different hormones that men have in proper balance is required to keep you hale and hearty.

Yes, you read that right. Men also have a number of different hormones that need to be balanced in order for them to stay fit. If you are finding it hard to stay fit, and you are a man, you may actually be suffering from hormonal imbalance and will need to do something to get things back on even keel. There are a few hormones that can be pegged as culprits here, and here is what you can do to try and get things balanced.

  • Testosterone – while this hormone does gradually drop as time goes by, it has been seen that age is not the only thing that messes with your testosterone levels. Your fast lifestyle can actually be blamed for a drop in the levels of this hormone. Lack of sleep, unhealthy food choices, and stress can affect testosterone levels, and as such, can bring about problems like low sex drive, difficulty getting fit, and serious health issues.
    To get your testosterone back to normal levels, you need to revert to a healthier lifestyle – get enough sleep, reduce stress, and choose what you eat. If you are gaining a lot of weight, losing weight and becoming lean will also help with your testosterone levels. Building muscles can actually help you with this too.
  • Cortisol – also called the stress hormone, having high levels of cortisol can affect your growth hormones adversely. Your growth hormones help repair muscles and affect your general health, and when your stress hormones are rather high, this lowers your growth hormone levels. This can result in changes in your body composition, with an increase in belly fat being one of these. To increase your cortisol levels, getting enough sleep is suggested. Lowering your stress levels by engaging in the many destressing options you have is also advised.
  • Leptin, CCK, ghrelin, and insulin – also called the weight hormones, these are what tell you when you are hungry (ghrelin), when you should stop eating (CCK and Leptin), and when your body is metabolizing what you have eaten (insulin). If any of these are not at their normal levels, you will find yourself feeling constantly hungry, gaining a lot of weight, and suffering from diabetes.
    In order to know which hormones are wreaking havoc to your system, it is a good idea to visit your doctor and to have tests taken. Once you know for certain which hormones need balancing, you can then ask your chosen health professional for treatment options. Choices include HRT (hormone replacement therapy), lifestyle changes, and dietary suggestions that can help get your hormones and health back on track.
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