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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Michigan

Genemedics Health Institute is the leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Michigan. Headquartered in Birmingham in the Metro Detroit area, Genemedics Health Institute medical doctors have treated thousands of patients throughout Michigan for symptoms related to low hormone levels.

Dr. George Shanlikian, founder of Genemedics Health Institute, attended Wayne State University and has quickly emerged as a leading authority throughout the Midwest on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Guided by Dr. Shanlikian, Genemedics Health Institute offers total health rejuvenation. We don’t view patients as simply collections of numbers and lab reports, but as people with specific health goals.

Our approach to preventive health begins with your first consultation and carries through your whole program.

Your Genemedics Health Institute program will include:

  • Personal attention from highly trained medical doctors in preventive health and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy
  • A comprehensive medical history and diagnostic work-up, including blood testing, saliva testing, and the industry’s most advanced body fat assessments
  • If necessary, a personalized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program to restore your hormone levels to youthful vitality
  • A personalized diet and nutrition plan, along with supplement recommendations and access to pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • A custom exercise program designed to increase lean muscle mass, promote fat loss and increase your overall health
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustment throughout your program

So if you’re suffering from any of the symptoms of low hormone levels—decreased energy, low libido, not feeling as vital as you once did—and you live anywhere in the state of Michigan, call Genemedics Health Institute and set up your consultation today.