How To Prevent Age-Related Weight Gain
Friday, August 26th, 2016

Age-related weight gain is unpreventable. Each of us will face it in time, although some wish to avoid this from ing at all costs. One of the biggest reasons why age-weight gain occurs is because of hormonal imbalance. In this regard, an individual might be prescribed to visit hormone and HGH therapy clinics in Florida or anywhere in the country for a diagnosis or treatment. Indicated below are information to understand this occurrence and tips on how to prevent age-related weight gain.

Roots of age-related weight gain

Get to know some of the main causes of age-related weight gain below.

  • StressContinuous work and restless hours of moving are some of the main reasons why people become stressed, prompting the stress hormone, cortisol, to send messages to the brain that food is needed to fight the stress and refuel. Eating more may not directly lessen stress, but it can be helpful. However, be careful because excess calories are sure to be stored as belly fat.
  • Muscles and metabolic rateReaching 30 years of age has numerous effects to one’s body such as fewer muscle cells and the slowing down of metabolic rate. Muscle mass starts to shrink by this age which leads to weight gain. More muscle mass can burn more calories, making the body become leaner. However, due to age-related weight gain, muscle mass are lower thus leading one to gain more weight. Meanwhile, the metabolism of both males and females decrease as they age, which results to the body burns fewer calories, leading to the same effect.
  • Sedentary lifestyleBy the same age, most people are immobile already because of work and prefer to stay home. This will be another cause of decline in the metabolic rate of an individual.
  • MenopauseWomen will undergo menopause and with estrogen levels going down, the body will start retaining fat in order to draw estrogen from fat cells. As a result, you gain more belly fat. With men, the fall in testosterone levels is the reason for their weight gain, mostly around their midriff.

Prevention for age-related weight gain

The ultimate solution in order to prevent weight gain is to have a healthy lifestyle and to be physically active. This will keep the body going and avoid unwanted fats in the body. Follow these tips regularly to keep a healthy body!

  • WalkAs much as possible, try to walk to your destination because it has numerous benefits; for one it is a form of exercise, it also keeps your heart rate good, and it is an alternative way of travelling. This has been proven to be the simplest and one of best exercises that anyone could do.
  • Eat healthierTake note of all the food you intake. Always remember that eating lesser than normal is never good. On the other hand, eating the right amount of food with the right nutrients is how a person eats healthy.
  • Blood sugarEating healthy makes the blood sugar levels intact. This means that as much as possible, you should munch on complex carbohydrates such as vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
  • ExerciseLast but not the least is to exercise on a daily basis – if you could – just to burn fats. 10 to 30 minutes three times a week will certainly do. Simple exercises of cardio, toning, and muscle building are suggested exercises.

Share this information with your loved ones especially to those who might be struggling with weight gain problems. Follow the tips above to prevent age-related weight gain!

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