Hormone balance is crucial for optimal health and well-being. Throughout your body, hormones work together in a careful balance to control many organs and biological processes. When the delicate, youthful balance between these hormones is disturbed, you begin to experience symptoms of hormone imbalance and your risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease and osteoporosis increases.

Unfortunately, hormone imbalance is a natural consequence of aging in both men and women. In adults over age 35, hormone levels begin to decline—but they don’t decline evenly. Some decline more rapidly than others, resulting in unpleasant symptoms of hormone decline and imbalance.

Hormone decline is also influenced by other factors, some of which are in your control. Your stress level, activity level, diet, sexual activities, and even environment all affect your hormone levels. Additionally, many medical conditions affect hormone levels, especially surgical removal of hormone-producing organs such as ovaries, testes, or the pituitary gland.

Treating Hormone Imbalance

Fortunately, you are not helpless in the face of hormone imbalance. You don’t have to accept your symptoms, declining quality of life and increased risk of disease. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is designed to rebalance and raise hormone levels to restore your youthful hormone function.

At Genemedics Health Institute, our hormone replacement therapy expert doctors have worked with thousands of patients to create customized BHRT programs that are uniquely designed to correct their particular hormonal balance. Our BHRT programs are based on the most advanced testing available and complemented by personalized nutrition and exercise programs, as well as a supplement program to correct nutrient deficiencies. Your program is guaranteed to restore your hormone levels to a youthful level and help you regain the youthful vigor and health you enjoyed in your 20s and 30s.

We have several hormone replacement therapy clinics around Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Georgia, California.

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

People afflicted with hormone imbalance may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Decreased energy levels – Chronic lethargy in the mid-morning or early afternoon is a sign of problems with your hormones. If you feel drowsiness or mental fogginess during these times, you may not be lazy – it could be a sign that your health needs attention.
  • Unexplained Weight Gain – Your diet and physical activities play the biggest roles in your physical well-being. However, some cases of hormone imbalance can result in unexplained gains in weight. Developing a resistance to insulin, for instance, is one of the common reasons.
  • Sleeping difficulty – Hormone imbalance can prevent a person from achieving and sustaining deep sleep. In some cases, it can even cause full-blown insomnia. When this happens, the body produces cortisol, a steroid hormone associated with increased stress. As stress mounts, sleep becomes progressively more scarce, affecting all other areas of well-being.
  • Decreased sex drive – Sexual urges are heavily influenced by the body’s hormone levels. If a person has low testosterone, is under a lot of stress, feeling chronically fatigued, anxious or depressed, sexual function can be negatively affected.
  • Hot flashes – As women age and reach menopause, the balance of their hormones is significantly altered. One of the most common signs is hot flashes. This is a feeling of feverish heat, even when a lady is not necessarily ill. Studies have indicated that hot flash episodes may be triggered by a womans emotional state.
  • Night sweats – Profuse and inexplicable sweating during the sleep could also be a sign of hormone imbalance and menopause in women. Like hot flashes, sweats are influenced by emotions. Stress and diet may also be factors.
  • Depression and anxiety – Feeling down, anxious and irritable may be signs of hormone imbalance, especially if when theres no other plausible explanation. Having too much or too little of certain hormones can trigger volatile mood swings that are hard to explain.

If you are experiencing one or more symptoms, dont take any chances. Contact the Genemedics Health Institute today and find out how we can help.

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