Ken S
Friday, January 26th, 2018

I am a 37-year-old male who has been on hormone replacement therapy for approximately ten years. Over the last couple of years, I had begun to feel like I had felt before I had started hormone replacement therapy. In particular, I was feeling a lack of energy, sex drive, and experiencing emotional swings. I was also experiencing other side effects, which were supposed to be prevented by my doctor. My doctors at the time did not have any suggestions and appeared to be “at the end of their knowledge base” on this topic.

A friend then recommended Dr. George. I immediately knew Dr. George was a top doctor in this field when I went for my first blood test. Instead of the usual three or four tests my past doctors had gotten, Dr. George had approximately 20-25 different tests conducted. In addition, Dr. George called me himself, on a weekend, and spoke with me for about an hour, discussing in detail my results and explaining them in a way that I could understand. With the knowledge learned from this conversation, all of the problems I was experiencing with my current hormone replacement therapy program made sense.

I met with Dr. George in his office, who along with his extremely knowledgeable staff, sat down and explained to me the therapy plan that was individually customized for me. Several things impressed me about this. First, he had already made the time to design a hormone replacement therapy program for me before I even stepped foot into his office. In addition, not only did they both spend about an hour with me, but Dr. George and his staff did what many doctors don’t do: they took the time to listen to my input and explained each and every medication to me. They gave me a handwritten therapy plan, along with a copy of all of my lab results, detailing everything that had been explained to me.

After two months on the program, I feel 100% better, both physically and emotionally. I now have much more energy, a great sex drive, and I am no longer experiencing the emotional highs and lows that I did on the previous hormone replacement therapy programs. If you are considering hormone replacement therapy, look no further! Genemedics Health Institute is unparalleled in its knowledge, service, accessibility, and genuine care for its patients! Thank you for everything, Dr. George!

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