Matt T.
Friday, January 26th, 2018

I’ve been a patient of Genemedics for several years now, with fantastic results. I’ve always been active in sports and fitness, and my performance is important to me. After college, I noticed that my strength and endurance had begun to taper, but it had never occurred to me that it could be the result of hormonal deficiencies. I assumed it was due to lack of effort, but the harder I trained, the more it was apparent that my body was not functioning effectively. After my initial consultation and blood work, we identified that in fact I had a testosterone deficiency that could be corrected through treatment and close observation by Dr. George and his staff.

Within weeks of beginning treatment, I was already noticing results. Instead of feeling like a 50-year-old, I was starting to perform and recover like I was 20 again. By closely monitoring blood work and making periodic adjustments as necessary, I continue to see positive results and I feel great. Dr. George’s commitment and dedication to the satisfaction of his clients is second to none. He has frequently reached out to me personally to ensure that I’m continuing to feel results, and he has helped to educate me on the human body and how it operates so I can be more involved in my personal well-being. Genemedics’ diet and exercise programs have been useful too and are also an important part of my new lifestyle.

After the first year, I decided to consult with my general physician to validate the Genemedics program. He referred me to an endocrinology specialist, who reviewed my current blood work and treatment plan and confirmed that the results were outstanding. He also stated that a comprehensive program such as the one provided through Genemedics could not be provided by the traditional medical community. This served to validate my decision to seek treatment through Genemedics.

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