Robert Nahra
Friday, January 26th, 2018

My life has been re-engineered and revitalized with the help from Dr. George Shanlikian and Genemedics Health Institute. Just three years ago, my waist was 38 inches and I weighed 194 lbs. I was struggling to run a small family business because I was always exhausted, and I didn’t have the focus, concentration, and motivation that I did in my youth. I was just getting by in life. I didn’t like the way I looked or felt or the direction I was headed physically, emotionally, mentally, and professionally. I started training with a professional trainer for over six months with very limited results. There was a key component missing in my regimen. I was fortunate that the owner of my gym was a patient of Genemedics Health Institute and he recommended that I reach out to them for help.

I completed a very thorough blood panel and a physical to find out why I looked and felt so poorly! Dr. George and the Genemedics staff custom tailored a complete health program for me, which included hormone replacement therapy, a nutrition plan, a supplement regimen, and an exercise program. Genemedics Health Institute set very realistic goals for me and created a program that was very doable. Dr. George has fine-tuned my program as I continued to improved and accomplish the goals we have set. He and his staff are always there for me when I have questions.

The results that I experienced with the Genemedics program have been amazing! In the first six months of the program, my waist went from 38 inches to 32 inches and my body fat dropped from 24 percent to 8 percent. My amazing body transformation was just the start. I now have the motivation and energy to own and run three catering locations. My mood is much better since starting the program, which has resulted in a better relationship with my clients, employees, and even my family. My sex drive is better than ever, which has helped my relationship with my wife. I am dedicated to the program, exercising five days a week, one hour per day, but I’m not killing myself at the gym and starving myself for minimal results as I once did. I now live a Genemedics lifestyle with proper nutrition and exercise and great nutritional supplement regimen and adequate rest. Joining the Genemedics Health Institute program is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I’m a huge proponent of the Genemedics lifestyle change and health program and recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life while achieving their fitness goals.

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